Opening ‘FICTION’, A Prototype Gallery for Technology Design in NY - Every creation originates in someone’s fiction, right?

December 6, 2018, Sensingnet Inc., opens the world’s first technology and design prototype gallery, FICTION, in Chelsea, New York,  with its first exhibition co-curated by Japan Display Inc.

FICTION, with its concept “Making Fiction Reality,” supports sensible embodiment of various undiscovered ‘fictions’ in the world. Departing from traditional galleries, FICTION is unique for its focus in exhibiting prototypes. And by providing a platform for technology and design to collaborate in place like New York where versatile creators gather, it supports fresh ideas and talents nurturing innovative community responsible for next generation.


株式会社センシングネット及びSensingnet Inc.は共同で2018年12月5日にデザイン×テクノロジーをテーマとする世界初のプロトタイプギャラリー”FICTION”をオープン。

FICTIONは“Making Fiction Reality”をスローガンに、世界に潜在している様々なFICTIONの美しく・実用的な具現化を御手伝いいたします。


IoT News

 IoT News : 日本のユニークなセンシング技術を集結 ーCES2018レポート8(JP)

CES 2018

Date: Tuesday, January 9th to Friday 12th, 2018
Venue: Sands Expo & Convention Center, 201 Sands Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89169, U.S.A.
Booth Number: 41358
Booth name: sensingnet Inc.


The Age of Super Sensing 2017

Date: Wednesday, December 13th, 2017, 2pm-9pm EST
Venue: Japan Society, 333 East, 47th Street,New York, NY 10017

The theme of this conference, “Super Sensing”, is the concept of extending the world that we perceive. There is no room for doubt that our cognition, thoughts and approaches for creation will undergo a considerable change in the coming era where we are provided with stimuli and information that we were not able to acquire in the past. With the appearance of new technologies like various highly-developed sensors and artificial intelligence, that very scenario is becoming a reality. We, sensingnet Inc., are pleased to invite speakers with diverse backgrounds and have them present at this conference to share their thought how their state-of-the-art researches/projects in this area will enrich our daily lives.