International Symposium on Advanced Sensing Design and Technology

The Age of Super Sensing 2018


Wednesday, September 19th 2018, 1pm - 6pm
(12:30pm Doors / 6pm - 8pm Reception)
Japan Society, 333 East 47th Street, New York, NY, 10017





This symposium will present cutting-edge technology and precedent examples of sensing know-how and design based on the theory of super sensing. We hope it will serve as an opportunity to build more prosperous future for all.

The human race has survived to the present day by making full use of its sense organs in order to discern circumstances in surrounding environment. Additionally, animals, plants, insects, and other living organisms that share this planet with us, also have their own unique sensory functions that have protected their species over time. Today, us humans are beginning to spread our wings in new territory as we access untapped sensory world and cognitive pathways by scientific advancement in sensors and artificial intelligence. This development in science and technology is taking us into new realms of consciousness, transcending the primary purpose of mere survival and entering into previously unknown areas of our senses as well as modes of cognition. We call this era “The Age of Super Sensing”.




What kind of design can we offer that will help to realize a society of rich diversity? Technologies continue to evolve and, through our individual abilities and through dialogue with others, they have expanded our lives in ways that have enabled us to sense things that we could not before. Now, the power of design and technology in this age of super sensing brings excitement of various dimensions, between people, and that transcends such diverse barriers as the creator, the user, and one’s perspective, culture and era. And I believe the growth of that excitement will be connected to the concept of “empathy”. In fact, I think that such empathy will be the very source that drives our creation. At this conference, we will be welcoming speakers who are incorporating empathy into their own state-of-the-art activities, and we will explore what future we can build through our own growth and just what that empathy is that drives our creation.




Masayuki Nakao

Professor (Mechanical Engineering), University of Tokyo


Rie Norregaard

Managing Creative Director of SYPartners

Lise Pape

Founder of Walk With Path


Simone Rothman

Founder & CEO of FutureAir

Katsumi Watanabe

Professor (Cognitive Science), Waseda University

Haiyan Zhang

Innovation Director of Microsoft Research


Masao Awatsu

Wireless and sensing system hardware architect of Asahi Kasei


Kentaro Okuyama

Distinguished Researcher of Japan Disply Inc.


Hirotaka Ooi

Innovation architect of MY Lab of Asahi kasei


Shoko Toyama

Branding Director of MY Lab of Asahi Kasei




Satoshi Nakagawa
The Principle of super sensing forum, CEO of sensingnet Inc.




Tucker Viemeister
Industrial Designer, Founder of Smart Design



Japan Society

333 East, 47th Street, New York, NY, 10017

Special support by Japan Airlines


Supported by super sensing forum

Produced by sensingnet


Coordinators: Ai Hirakawa, Emi Kariya and Lindsay Smilow