Sensing Scape


Every object around us will eventually be connected to the Internet in the near future. However what kind of value do they create for us humans? Here we propose a framework called Sensor Scape for designing solutions to explore the interactions among humans, things and their surrounding environment. In the framework, Thermopile Sensor plays the key role to extract latent design problems.

CES 2019 Movie

Exhibition Outline

Name: CES2019 (Consumer Electronics Show)

Dates: January 8 (Tue) to 11 (Fri), 2019

Venue: Sands Expo & Convention Center

201 Sands Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89169, U. S. A.

Booth Number: 40537

Booth name: sensingnet Inc. (Multi-Company joint exhibition)






ARGUS BOARD is a newly developed unique micro-computer board specializing in sensing. It has high processing capability with mounted FPGA that everyone from students developing rapid prototype to advanced engineers would benefit from this board in transforming their ideas possibilities. AUGUS BORD is in plan for general sales, summer 2019.

Main Features of ARGUS BOARD

1) Micro-computer processing capability

Adopted high-processing ESP32. (made by Espressif System) with 600MIPS processing capability.

2) Connectable to AD Converter, DA Converter

Easy connection to high-quality versatile AD converter.

3) Mounted FPGA

Easy micro-computer programming and processing is possible with the mounted FPGA, without concerns for different converters.

4) Advanced Security Feature

With mounted FPGA and ESP32, it features advanced security function against interface to high confidential systems and data exploitation by others.

5) Preventive function against unlawful duplication

Duplication of the board is extremely difficult with our preventive circuit programming within FPGA.


Humanoid sensing object that is able to grasp various conditions of the surrounding environment in which a person is situated to be visualized on the basis of a diversity of factors.

Design & Technology

・Transparent boards/sheets are aligned at a 15-mm pitch, and sensor modules can be easily situated between them.

・Sensor data is visualized on a separate monitor.

・THK’s FBL27D + 150LS slide rails are used in the chest area, and a microcomputer or other device can be installed as well. THK’s RF77F cross-roller sing is also used for the robot’s waist.



The ARGUS BALANCE is a “smart” sensing chair that measures a person’s respiration, heart rate, stress levels, and more, by detecting minute movements of the human body with a high-sensitivity piezo sensor incorporated into the seat. By applying data analysis based on choose theory, it analyses stress level, relaxation level, and response level. This model is the third version in the ARGUS CHAIR series since it development from 2016 and with this model, more advances data analysis became possible by two sensors places on the seat surface. Also, with successful algorithmic analysis of breathing, this model detects number of breathing as well as breathing strength and can provide visual output of the data.

Sensing Scape Studio

Sensing Scape Studio is a data visualizing technology that converts sensorable environment data such as sound, light, humidity, and so on, to an expression provided directly to our five senses by utilizing our unique micro-computer board and algorithm. It creates new market value in the world of new media art by applying sensing


SEMITEC Corporation


Thermopile Sensor

This module contains a thermopile type infrared sensor, so you can easily know the temperature without touching the object to be measured.

SMD Thermopile Sensor

SEMITEC original SMD thermopile sensor, you can mount it on a board surface easily. The modularization allow it both analog and digital (I2C) signal output and let you set it up anywhere flexibly with FPC board mounted.

Hitachi, Ltd.

Clean Beacon

Developed “clean beacons” which work with indoor illumination light with the energy management circuit. The energy management circuit for energy harvesting extracts abilities of color cells even under weak illumination.

The clean beacons can transmit signals once every second under indoor lighting (about 150 lux), and achieves stable operation by electricity storage. If the beacons are fully charged, they will continue to operate for about 3 days in the dark. The clean beacons greatly reduce cost for maintenance and installation of beacons. They can be used as location information infrastructure.



The 3D TOF Sensor can detect humans and objects without identifying individuals. The 3D TOF sensor captures behavior data with higher accuracy and reliability even if people cross or pass each other. The acquired data can be useful for the marketing and other extensive use-cases.

・Object distance measurement with high accuracy in real time

・Easy to install with Ethernet (POE +) connection

・Multiple use cases can be accommodated with the SDK

Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corp.

CO2 Sensor

Sunrise is a new generation NDIR sensors with Optical Solid State design. It is also the first NDIR sensor with LED technology that truly saves power while maintaining a high precision. Thanks to the built-in self-correcting ABC algorithm you can mount and forget your sensor for the next 15 years and it will still be accurate.

CO2 Visualization In House

CO2 concentration affects human health and feeling. However, since it is invisible, human doesn’t recognize the CO2 concentration in a room. This mini-house demo visualizes CO2 concentration and shows the importance of ventilation in order to keep air quality.




Thermoelectric module

It is a high performance thermoelectric module by using Peltier elements, and generates electric power by the temperature difference between its both surfaces. Its power generation performance (20mW, ΔT=20℃) is twice as that of others. Our high-density mounting technology enables this high performance.

Sensor units using thermoelectric module

t generates electric power by collecting the solar heat with copper plate and transferring it to the thermoelectric module, and boosts up the voltage to operate sensors and low power wireless communication circuit sending the sensor data. Heat sources other than solar heat, such as exhaust heat in pumps and plumbing in the plants and office buildings, can be used to generate electric power. This module is one of the energy harvesting technology and helps to realize an IoT solution in the places where electric power and LAN cables cannot be supplied.

super sensing forum

Regenerative Sensing

Microbial fuel cells (MFC) utilize the electric power that is generated by microorganisms present in the soil, wastewater, and other environments. This is a significant technology that can secure a permanent supply of power from almost any place that microbial activity exists. By employing a booster chip that independently augments the micro-electricity that is produced by these microorganisms, we can secure continuous power resources that support such edge computing as sensing and communication.




Butterfly Vision

"Butterfly Vision" is an ultraviolet sensor that can capture ultraviolet light matched to the visibility of insects, combined with image sensor that captures visible light according to human visibility. As a result, a visual sensor can compare the world seen by human with the world that insects are seeing.

About UV sensor

The widely used image sensors basically reproduce colors based on visual sensitivity of human. Insects, however, are able to perceive wavelength band which human beings cannot grasp, such as ultraviolet. Here we introduce the latest image sensor with human visual sensitivity and cutoff filter to see both visual worlds.

Japan Display Inc.

Transparent Display

Transparent Liquid Crystal Display is a 4.0 model transparent color display that has extremely high transparent rate, at 80%. JDI was successful in actualizing this 80% transparency, advancing 1.8 times the precedents (internal research), by implementing its one-of-a-kind technology eliminating color filter and polarization plate that were essential to former color LCDs. This high transparency rate pursues the possibility of unified expression for simultaneously displaying digital contents with reality, as in Augmented Reality(AR). JDI assumes various use for this new display by utilizing this unique unified expression such as for education, advertisement in window display, and vehicle installation. The company aspires to develop and market middle and large size display in the near future. We are creating interactive images as “Things to see everyday in familiar environments.” Instead of displaying weather information in concrete numerical values, it is expressed in abstract and symbolic micro graphics.



Japan Display Inc. (hereinafter “JDI”, President and CEO Nobuhiro Higashiiriki), in continuing on from the smart helmet, mounted with a heads up display, called “Sparta”(Concept name), announced on August 1st of 2018, has commenced development of “KAIKEN” (Concept name), a unit with a small heads up display, that can be attached to a motor bike or bicycle helmet. We are expecting it to go on sale in fiscal year 2019. With motor bikes or bicycles, there is a need to move your eyes to check speed or navigational information etc. In the helmet, by mounting a small HUD unit, you are able to maintain your line of sight, while being able to check such information, where it is expected that this will improve safety and convenience. With KAIKEN, by applying the attachment structure, it is possible to be used, as needed, on a helmet.

Participating Companies

Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corp.

Hitachi, Ltd.

Japan Display Inc.



SEMITEC Corporation

sensingnet Inc.