Press Release 2018.11.29

Opening ‘FICTION’, A Prototype Gallery for Technology Design in New York

Every creation originates in someone’s fiction, right?

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December 6, 2018, sensingnet Inc. opens the world’s first technology and design prototype gallery, FICTION, in Chelsea, New York, with its first exhibition co-curated by Japan Display Inc.

FICTION, with its concept “Making Fiction Reality,” supports sensible embodiment of various undiscovered ‘fictions’ in the world. Departing from traditional galleries, FICTION is unique for its focus in exhibiting prototypes. By providing a platform for technology and design to collaborate in place like New York where versatility come together, it nurtures an innovative community responsible for next generation through supporting talents and fresh ideas.

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There are five mission programs at FICTION in supporting the actualization of dream-like fictions.

  1. Acceleration Program

    A program to accelerate development of new technology and business for companies and brands through exhibition.

  2. Simulative Exhibition

          Exhibition of some of the most advanced technology in collaboration with art and design.

  3. On Saturday!
    All-inclusive workshops are held on Saturdays for everyone from amateur to professional and from students to adults to learn and create new communities.

  4. Design Bar

    A place to stop by and meet for ideation and creative communication after school or work.

  5. FICTION Prize

    Annual ‘GOOD FICTION’ prize will be awarded for best ideas around the world by fellow FICTION members.




THROUGH - The Future of Visualization-  presented by Japan Display Inc.



Thursday, December 6th, 2018 - Sunday, December 23rd, 2018

Pre-opening Party - December 5th, 6pm-8pm (Invite only)

Grand Opening - December 6th, 6pm-8pm (RSVP)

◾️Hours (December 7th - )

Wednesday - Sunday: 11am-7pm

  • Workshops, Ideathons, and events by reservation

  • For possible schedule changes, please check our website at


This exhibition is focused to create a floating artistic space by designing informational illuminating products where information transforms into artistic light forms.

#TOMBSTONE (Wall-mounting Illumination product)

Interactive installation creating light & sound display on the 16.5 yards wide wall. 

Beautiful projections are exhibited as the audience plays the keyboard.

#LANTERN (Free-standing Illumination Product)

Individual free-standing installation converting weather information every second into its very unique illuminating art.


Exhibition of artistic essential prototypes that came to life during the development stages.







FICTION, 525 West 26th Street, 1st Floor, New York, NY 10001



【About Transparent LCD development by Japan Display Inc. (JDI)】

Transparent Liquid Crystal Display is a 4.0 model transparent color display that has extremely high transparent rate, at 80%. JDI was successful in actualizing this 80% transparency, advancing 1.8 times the precedents (internal research), by implementing its one-of-a-kind technology eliminating color filter and polarization plate that were essential to former color LCDs. This high transparency rate pursues the possibility of unified expression for simultaneously displaying digital contents with reality, as in Augmented Reality(AR). JDI assumes various use for this new display by utilizing this unique unified expression such as for education, advertisement in window display, and vehicle installation. The company aspires to develop and market middle and large size display in the near future.


【About Japan Display Inc. (JDI)】

Japan Display Inc. (JDI) is the global leading company providing state of the art technology in display products. The company focuses on small to medium size display for many fields from smartphone to vehicle installation, medical, VR/AR, and utilizes their strength in Low Temperature Poly Silicone (LTPS) technology to provide appealing features for customers such as high-definition, low power consumption, and narrower framing. With its advanced technological capability, manufacturing strength, cost competitive, high-quality products, JDI continues to create an uplifting world through unprecedented ideas and pursuit for endless power of technology.


【JDI Future Trip Project】

In 2020, with the commercialization of the next generation communication, 5G network, coming online, IoT will greatly progress where machines will become a norm in our daily lives. Based on JDI’s motto- “Through unprecedented ideas and exploring unlimited technology, we will continue to create a world where humans can perform even more dynamically”- this new project began since April 2018 for promoting ‘Marketing’ and ‘Innovation’. “JDI Future Trip” is a promotional project to create value beyond manufacturing and value injected services as well as solutions through JDI’s technological capabilities as the top shareholder of small to medium LCD developers in the world.

JDI Future Trip Project

*The Exhibition ‘Through’ is part of the JDI Future Trip Project

【Co-Curator of the Exhibition】


Kentaro Okuyama - Head Researching Developer at Japan Display Inc.

Pursues research and development of transparent LCD. Currently further deepening the development of its element and exploring new possibilities of transparent LCD. Profession in physical property of materials (Phd. Engineer).


Motoi Shimizu - Visual Artist at ‘backspacetokyo’

Born in 1984, in Tokyo, Graduated IAMAS DSP and School for Poetic Computation. Post working with  IT corporations, he formed a small production team ‘backspacetokyo’ in 2015. With their motto, ’rooting expression in “cord culture”,’ his flexible feature shines in many genres- visual creation, live technical support, VJ, R&D, mobile app and web development. |


Ryo Kanda - Visual Artist / Programmer at ‘backspacetokyo’

Known as Kezzardrix, his focus is in music video and live visual creation for various artists. Also an interactive developer for modern art, theater, and apps development.


Yuusuke Fujikawa - Visual Artist / Instructor at Digital Hollywood University

Being part of the Flash Player development project as his motive, he begun to be active as VJ and visual producer. Currently expanding his field in space architecture and design along with visual production. He is also a writer as well as an instructor at Digital Hollywood University, having projection mapping seminars across country with strong interest in nurturing talents and encouraging interaction with local communities.  His spacial installation and  projection mapping are exhibited at events and galleries under his artist name, USK.


Satoshi Nakagawa - Producer, Product Designer, CEO at sensingnet Inc.

Architected theory of development and method for assessment in his unique universal design by making excellent use of lead user, since 1987, and engaged in vast global field of product design and development. Since 2005, he has focused on behavioral psychology of users in his development research and strategizes the “expectation” in purchase and motivation for use. Then forms and fully engages in his concept, ‘Expectation Study,’  regarding user’s feeling of expectation and anxiety towards products and services. From 2010, he built a new concept, ‘Super Sensing,’ and has been developing products and modules that expand human sensors in the angle of sensing design.


【About sensingnet Inc.】

Sensingnet Inc., currently in Japan and U.S., is a design consulting company globally creating new value and market by utilizing advanced sensing technology and design with its focus on Community, Education, and Innovation. sensingnet aspires to better expand our human sensors, our individual life style, as well as the society we live in, and engages in next generation education by creating unique advanced tools, softwares, and products supporting research and development in IoT industry. We recently are expanding our strength in forming design and engineering communities through our international symposiums across the world.

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