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Your Five Senses Can Be Expanded

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Enter your name and email address used for your Apple ID.

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How to use the device

Download the app by following the below steps and sync your sensing card with the app.
*This  device only works with iPhones.

① Enter your name and email address used for your Apple ID in the above form

② Download app called ‘Test Flight’ from iTunes Store

③We will sent you an email of titile is GClue, Inc. has invited you to test "ssstudio". Once your Apple ID is conrmed by Sensing Scape Studio, your Test Flight app will be activated for syncing.
Please note that it might take a few days for your activation. We will notify you in email once the activation is complete.

④ Open the Test Flight app and sync your sensing card with it. Now you are ready for sensing your environment!



Additional note

- The Test Flight app is a beta version and is only released for iPhones (best with iPhone X). We will notify you once the full version is complete.
- Ambient Sensing Card is an original sensing device developed by sensingnet Inc and it’s creative platform, Sensing Scape Studio.
*About Sensinng Scape Studio: Sensing Scape Studio is a platform for envisioning new art and fresh value through visualized sensing data.

For more information, please contact: